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Mission Statement:

We support Constitutional liberties and values, recognize the sanctity of all life, advocate for the rule of law, and proclaim our right to freely express those values and beliefs.


President & Founder:     Dr. Tom Tipton

Event Director:                Diana Boren


2021 Planning Committee:





Founding Members:



Contact email:

Mickie Niland

Maricopa County Republican Chairwomen

Dee Merrill            

Lynanne Cottle

Dawn Schween         

Lori Osiecki            

Bobbie Jo Turley         

Lori Jacquez         

Ashley Trussell    

Sandra Buck

Cynthia Newswander

Ross Trumble

Ronda Doolen            

Fred Buck

Jared Taylor            

Joe Russell

JuDene Brown

Dr. Karl Hiatt

Rachel Bostock

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